I’m a Personal Trainer, writer and lifestyle coach on a mission to change the way women think about food and feel about their bodies. My passion is empowering women to feel strong, confident and in control of their lifestyle choices

I wasn’t always fit and healthy.

I spent the first 23 years of my life overweight, being bullied for my size. I thought losing weight would be my happily-ever-after. Then in 2009 I did it! I lost over 100lbs, got super fit and in 2013 I retrained as a Personal Trainer.

Food and exercise controlled my life.

I was miserable and obsessed. I felt trapped, constantly battling to maintain my weight loss. Even though I seemed to do everything right, I was stuck in a cycle of losing and regaining the same 10-15lbs over and over.

Every time it got harder to lose. I had to cut out more from my diet, do more gruelling exercise. Then, no matter what I tried, the weight would come back on. I hated my body more than ever, I had zero self confidence.

The realisation

My therapist told me how disordered eating is increasingly common in people who experience significant weight loss, serial dieters, and fitness professionals (and I was all three). I couldn’t change the fact I had lost weight, and I loved my career. So, after years of misery and self-hatred I made a brave decision to quit dieting.

I left my lucrative role at Weight Watchers to give myself the space to heal. It was a tough journey. I was forced to challenge my beliefs about weight and health, and find a more balanced approach to exercise and nutrition. But slowly I was able to rebuild my relationship with food and my body.

My whole life was transformed.

Because of my incredible transformation, I was headhunted to be a Brand Ambassador and Fitness Expert for one of the biggest weight loss organizations in the world. I featured on the cover of magazines. People told me how my transformation was so inspiring. To everyone else I looked like the picture of health and success. Sadly, the reality was far from it, I was so unhappy.

It ruined my life, my body and my health.

It started to get out of control. I’d find myself binging uncontrollably, then racked with shame and guilt, I would do whatever it took to pull it back. Harsh restriction and punishing exercise regimes… until I cracked and binged again.

Eventually I felt I had no other choice and referred myself to therapy, where I was diagnosed with battling two eating disorders; Ortheroxia and Binge Eating Disorder.

I found another way

I knew I could never return to dieting, so I started my mission to find new ways to manage my health and my happiness. Methods that put me in control. Ways that gave me structure and guidance to achieve my goals but the freedom and flexibility to still enjoy life.

Finally, I have a body I love and respect. I still love to challenge myself, but in a way which makes me feel strong and empowered, not as a punishment for something I ate.

Now it’s my passion to help other women do the same. To show you how to set meaningful health goals, to guide you away from a diet mindset, and step into your power, by giving you the knowledge and the confidence you need to take back control.

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The fitness industry is filled with generic meal plans, restrictive diets and punishing exercise regimes but they simply don’t work for most people. At set U free we do it differently. We put you in control and treat you as the unique and wonderful human you are.

Most Gyms Set U Free
  • One size fits all approaches
  • Busy, feeling watched and self-conscious
  • No pain- no gain
  • Work hard or go home
  • Restrictive meal programmes
  • If it doesn't work you're doing it wrong
  • Work with people not qualified to, giving potentially dangerous advice
  • Don't care if you come or not as long as they get your money
  • Personalised workouts and advice
  • Private space, just you and your PT at any time
  • Pain is never good, you can exercise hard without hurting yourself
  • Work hard, or don't; we will adjust your workout to suit how you're feeling on the day
  • We teach you about nutrition so you can make your own informed choices.
  • If something isn't working, we will keep adjusting until you feel good
  • We only work with specialist populations we are qualified to teach. If you have a problem we can't work with (which isn't many) we will support you in finding the right support.
  • Total accountability, our coaches treat all our clients like friends and support you in all areas of your health and wellbeing.
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